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Title: Automatic Controller for Teleoperated Switching between Multiple Energy Sources in a Residential Building Nanogrid
Authors: Olatunbosun, Adeboye
Olufajo, Oludolapo O.
Keywords: Nanogrids
Remote Monitoring
Automatic Transfer Switch
Issue Date: 30-Sep-2020
Abstract: Erratic power supply from the utility grid has grave effect of the development of several countries. In a bid to overcome this challenge, many residential buildings have become electrically self-sustaining by the integration of various backup power supply source. Yet the act of transition from one source to another has remained a manual task that tends to discourage users from going through the rigour. Internal combustion engine AC generators and batteries have been found to be the most common backup options. An automatic transition system that gives user the flexibility of monitoring and controlling resources remotely from a mobile phone application is thus presented in this paper. The microcontroller-based system monitors the status of the energy resources and protects the building against undervoltage or overvoltage conditions. Based on the state of charge of the battery and the fuel level in the generator, the system activates the appropriate alternative backup source in the event of an outage form the grid supply. This system affords users a new level of comfort and reliability of power supply, as in the automatic mode, the users are guaranteed power supply with minimal downtime, except when all resources are unavailable.
Description: Paul Imafidon Moses who used his resources for the initial implementation of the remote operation of generator starting via Bluetooth using a mobile phone
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